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  Bhajans Sung by His Holiness

महाराज जी का जीवन परिचय

Short Biography of His Holiness

Shri Harikripa Peethadhishwar, Yugdrishta, Shri Shri 1008 Swami Hari Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s life and livelihood is extremely enlightening and inspiring, akin to that of a blossomed lotus.

The almighty god has always transcended himself to Earth in various avatarsto provide a direction,to lead mankind towards religion, to abolish the ill practices, superstitions, and evil whenever society tends to neglect the path of righteousness.

Millions of followers consider Swami Shri Hari Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as an image of god himself. However, he timidly refers to himself as a preacher of the almighty and a servant to the society; he humbly praises the lord and finds himself committed towards the mankind. A man of few words for himself, Maharajji regards patriotism, communal peace and unity, our Indian heritage and culture in high esteem.

Let us all be blessed by throwing some light on the life of Shri Hari Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. On June 12th 1960, in Kamvana Dham(Kaman), one of the prime sacred places in Lord Krishna’s birthplace “Brij bhoomi”, Shri Hari Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born in a religious, cultured, wealthy, god fearing and high status family. Father Shri Deshraj and Mother Shrimati Nirmala along with people from all over the region, felt enchanted and considered themselves blessed to see the many miracles during his childhood. According to some of the elderly of Kamvana, the child had started chanting at the tender age of six months and was already able to meditate, sing devotional songs and recite Ram charit manas at the age of two. Although his birth name was Yogendra,upon witnessing his many miracles and incredible spiritual attainments, he was given several other names.“Khidmat” became very popular after being named by a Muslim saint, who prophesized that the child will devote himself to helping and serving the society, which holds true now. A prominent saint from the Ram-Snehi community had always referred to him as “Paramhans”. When a Bengali saint had seen him immersed in singing for devotion, he had started calling him an avatar of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In childhood itself, hehad encountered god and god accepted the food he had offered. He already knew Manas, Bhagvad Geeta and other scriptures by heart. After graduating with a Master in Commerce, at a young age of 21, attaining divine powers from enlightened saint, Swami Ramananad Puriji Maharaj, he renounced all worldly pleasures and embraced renunciation for life. Following a simple and ascetic lifestyle, he set on a journey by foot, covering around 23,000 kms, crossing fields, desserts, impassable mountains and Himalayas (22,000 ft height),in order to meet and profoundly understand the lives of people from all walks of life. Even today, be it chilling cold or heat wave, be it in fields or the heights of Himalayas, just wearing a simple Khadi cloth and a sheet around his body, in plain slippers and carrying the divine wooden staff obtained from hisgurudev, he isdirecting people towards wisdom and righteousness. Known by many names worldwide, such as ‘Mere Hari’, ‘Kaman ke Kanhaiya’, ‘Lathi wale Bhaiya’, having command over several languages, he has written numerous books and thousands of compositions. With an aim and vision ofcreating spiritual awareness, he has established many significant spiritual centres for the people. Amongst these, ‘Shri Harikripa Ashram, Kaman, Rajasthan’, ‘Shri Harikripa Dham, Gadinegi, Uttarakhand’ and ‘Shri Harikripa Ashram, Chitrakoot (Ramnagar), Uttarakhand’ are eminent.The‘Shri Hareshvar Mahadev Temple’ at the Gadinegi ashram, the foundation stone for which was laid by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs together, has now become a living symbol and an epitome of communal peace and unity, in all of India.

With the spirit of universal brotherhood, adorning a warm, pleasing smile at all times,he is constantly working for the welfare of the society. People from all religions and cultures attend his every event or program with immense faith and love. Rich-Poor, elderly-young, literate-illiterate, caste, creed, religion, color, language; none of these prejudices matter to him and he is easily approachable to all without any discrimination. He has helped abolish the ritual of sacrifice in many places in the hilly regions of India. He is strongly and persistently promoting awareness against dowry, child marriage, female infanticide, funeral feast, pollution and cow-slaughter. Under his guidance in the last three decades, taking inspiration from him, millions of people have quit evils like alcohol, meat consumption, gambling, and directed towards god, they are now leading a happy, content life. His divine, strong, charismatic teachings are very effective, factual and pragmatic. That is the prime reason for mostly the youth, toincline towards Maharajji. He is not a professional speaker, and only drawn by the love and devotion of hisfollowers, he travels all over the globe. He was awarded the “Best Spiritual Leader -News Makers Achievers Award ” in 2010 at the Taj hotel in Mumbai, and the ParyavaranRatna award in 2013 in Delhi, in the presence of many well-known and prominent personalities of the country. Acknowledging the martyrdom of our national warriors and in respect to their families, to promote nationalism, he organize programs and runs a movement “EkShaamShaheedokeNaam” across the country, in their humble remembrance.

Shri Harikripa Ashram, Kaman is being built by his blessings andby volunteers only. Surrounded completely by greenery, a small yet elegant ashram is shaping up. To one side of the ashram lies a sacred pond ‘Vimalkund’ which was constructed by Lord Krishna and it is designated as Tirth Raj. Kaman has been a playground for Lord Krishna where he spent the early years of his life, which makes the place evenmore significant.
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